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Perfectly Unmatched (Youngblood 2) by Liz Reinhardt (Dec 2013)

Perfectly Unmatched  - Liz Reinhardt

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I admit I read this book 2 in the Youngblood series cos I wanted to catch up with the Hxh from book 1. I'm glad I did.


I liked the nerdy undergrad, Scholar of the Arts, gamma, almost beta hero. I love his voice and his thoughts. The story was different to the usual New YA, if not the plot then the outcome of the situation they find themselves in. In the beautiful descriptive writing and the absolute adoration he feels for her. He's a good boy, shy, adorkable. She is an entitled, passionate, aggressive, tstl, yes-mom-yes-dad, rich, protected, princess-type girl who doesn't want to leave the lap of her wealthy family. A selfish little twit who almost doesnt deserve him. Almost....


But they make it work. She gives a little, he gives alot. Yet somehow he has the upper-hand - that's why I love this author's writing. She makes this weird scenario work. He isn't any less masculine than an alpha - its just a different kinda masculinity.


Lots of entertaining drama and superbly written as usual. I loved the artistic slant. Reading about Odysseus has never been more interesting.


Sweet sexy Cormac - he is her staunchest supporter and wants to smack (after downing some liquid courage) the teeth out of an idiot who's just hurt her:


“I down the shot and do not whimper, although I’m half sure I’ve lost three-quarters of my esophagus. Despite the loss of pieces of my vital organ, there are positives to chugging such a strong brew. I’m already unsteady on my feet and full of piss and vinegar.”


“No matter that my brawn is significantly less spectacular than my brains. I have no choice except to use what will work best in the situation.

I know, deep in the marrow of who I am, that I have a twisted, shithead pinch of bloodlusting bully that can, hopefully, help me give Akos a lesson he won’t soon forget.

I just wish my rousing internal battle cry would tame the knocking of my knees.”


LOL.....and no, he is NOT a skinny malinky.  He has the requisite "bulges and dips", "long and lean and wiry build" all courtesy of his rowing team workouts.


The next book is about her bff - NOT my favourite character at all. Loose bloody cannon, that one - cant wait to see how Mz Reinhardt redeems her - cos she will - that's how good an author she is.