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Only Between Us by Mila Ferrera 2 Sept 2013

Only Between Us - Mila Ferrera

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Lovely stuff. Lots of worthiness here: The author, the hero and the heroine.


The writing is spot on - the serious topics are well researched - enough to make me care about checking to see if the author has experience in the field she writes about here. I'm not surprised to learn that the author studied Psychology.


I enjoyed her writing style. An edited book is always welcome in my reading pile - its supposed to be the norm but unfortunately, nowadays an fully edited book is few and far between in this genre.


I can "feel" each character. Those characters who are meant to be adorable are absolutely just that: adorable. And the characters who are meant to be abhorrent are just that: abhorrent sonsanddaughtersofbitches.


I started on book 2 of this series first, another couple's story, which is where I first read about this couple, Caleb and Romy. Their lovey-doveyness in that book made we want to see how they got their HEA. I'm glad I did.


Caleb is a good boy. His is real. A broken, gentle/violent/intense (gorgeous) soul who has a huge capacity to love. Not your usual badboy man-ho we have so much of in New Adult lately. Yes, he makes shitty choices which I hated but he hated them more. Every worthy girl needs to be loved the way he loves Romy.


Romy is a good girl too. Also has her demons but eventually rises above them. She loves Caleb the way he deserves to be loved and she's strong and vulnerable and sweet and caring and hurting and deserves Caleb's love too.


They have an intense bond, sexual and emotional chemistry. The sex scenes are realistic and sexy.


What also drew me to this one was that this is a stand-alone, within a series.  I loved their connection so much that although the book had a nice HEA, I wanted an epilogue cos I'm invested in more than their here and now. So, for me the ending needed something extra: maybe a look into "a year down the line" cos they've gone through so much and I want to know how they grow. I prefer to hear more about them in this one book, not a sequel or installment follow up, so if there are future books in this series, about other MCs then I'm definitely looking out for them. Maybe they will feature there and it'll be good to catch up. But not another book where Caleb and Romy are the MCs though, I prefer one couple's story in one book, not installments.


This is a book I will re-read.

The topic is fascinating.

I cried when he cried and laughed when he laughed.

I felt her bewilderment and then felt her contentment in his arms.