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This Love (University of Branton Book 1) by Nazarea Andrews Published June 2013 **SPOILERS**

** spoiler alert ** A forbidden-in-so-many-ways love story:


Older (28yrs), married (dah-rool worthy)professor and uni student AND she works for him.
AND his fluent-in-stupid wife is still hanging around.
AND the heroine is very vulnerable and hurting before she even meets him.

I liked it. Kept re-reading scenes to drag out the book a bit longer and then flying through some scenes cos I couldn't wait to see what was gonna happen next. It slowed a bit in the middle for me, but it certainly didn't put me off.

Love the way she knocks him off his sorry arrogant ass and how he gets under her skin despite her inability to commit. Off the charts chemistry and sexual tension. Love the way they connect on an emotional level. I liked the way his character developed throughout the book. How possessive and protective he is.


Book 2 Beautifully Broken is next - the story of his younger sister and his best friend.
I hope she kicks HIS arrogant ass cos he is a horrid alpha in this book.
A real screw and bolt it kinda douchebag, from what I can see. Cant wait to see if she takes him down