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Right Here with You by R.J. Sable. (Published 2013)

Right There with You - R.J. Sable
I thank God for my sweet baby brother. Are other brothers really like this? I have one younger brother so I cant say from experience, nor from any other books I've read, that boys are capable of treating their baby sister QUITE like this. ALL 6 plus 1 brothers. I can understand 2 or even 3...heck...even 4 out of the 7 siblings behaving like lunatics but not ALL of them. I'm trying to think of a movie or even a news article, or a non fiction book where I've read of this particular type of sibling abuse/bullying. But no, nothing comes to mind right now.
I enjoyed the writing style. The MMA scenes were amazing. The whole college life aspect was great too. Loved those parts. The characters were very well written. Even the douches. It held my interest. But it was just painful reading some...most...parts. 
I persevered with this story cos I loved Jason (the campus playa) and Jamie (the innocent sheltered heroine) together. He adores her and can only be good for her. This kept me going, he's singleminded determination to be with her despite the baggage she comes with. Overflowing-airport-carousel-of-fake-Luis-Vuitton style baggage. 
I even finished the book, just so that I could get to their 2nd book, hoping that the issues in this book would be cleared up by the end. Because there MUST be something positive after all this negativity. There must be redemption or this poor heroine is dragging this poor hero into her miserable life all for nothing.
But alas....in book two she is still tortured by her 6 plus 1 brothers. Pinched, smacked, grabbed, kicked, tripped, shoved.....etc....are the LEAST hurtful things she has to endure.
Oh, so by the way, they don't celebrate her birthday cos their mum died that day so its not a day to be celebrated. Ever.
She's submissive, downtrodden by her brothers and his friends. Abused, physically, emotionally, sexually, verbally. 
Something's seriously wrong with this lot, and so far I haven't seen any plausible reason why they're this OTT. Doesn't make sense to me, not even now as I read book 2.
Id love to know what makes her oldest brother tick. I can see him in his own book. He sounds like he could be the hero of a thriller. 

I'm worn out now...hopefully there's a way to edit/add on to this review in the future but I'm too drained to write any further right now