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Never Let Go by Scarlett Edwards (Published OCT 2013)

Never Let Go - Scarlett Edwards

******** SPOILER ALERT********



Paige meets Andrew, hero 1 on first day of college. 1/3rds into the book (about 5 meets later) she’s infatuated enough to promise to wait for him for a full semester because they can’t be together until then.

Also…and not in this particular order:
She meets Katy, her new roommate/bff, and Spencer, hero 2, when she walks in on them going at it full steam.
She finds a job as a swimming instructor
Is signed up for the swim team.
She gets it on with Spencer who, at 26 is still in college as an upperclassman and undergrad, (for 6 years now) speeds reads and has a photographic memory, is the campus ho.
Stops going to swim practice.
She endures a brief girl on girl tease initiated, in jest, by her bff in an effort to get her to lighten up.
Walks in on Spencer been given a bj by some random hookup at a party where Spencer and Paige had made prior arrangements to meet up at.
Has some more intimate moments with Andrew.
Has both heroes fight over her
Nearly slices herself to death with a mirror and lands up in hospital on the SAME night/day she finds her bff overdosed and sees HER to hospital too.
Has panic attacks.
Has visions.
Has flashbacks.
Has dizzy, nausea spells.
Discovers her bff has been having a secret fling hero 1 and she catches them red-handed.
Discovers that the heroes are step brothers who hate each other.
More plots to follow…..