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Jake Undone by Penelope Ward (Published OCT 2013)

Jake Undone  - Penelope Ward

*******SPOILER ALERT********



A story about a man, his wife and the heroine:

A busy, busy hero.
He is a saviour of women:
His wife with her mental condition and the h with her anxiety issues.
This is his life's goal. Goals.

To his wife:
"Don't be scared, baby girl. I'm here."

To the heroine:
"I can handle suffering with you, baby. Isn't it how we started...my holding your hand through everything...?"

He calls them both "baby" throughout the book.
His wife is his: "baby girl"
The h is his: "baby"

Married to an institutionalized schizophrenic whom he struggles to divorce cos he loves her. Not as a wife or lover, although he spends a lot of his time commuting to visit her and looks after her financial and medical needs.

Gets involved with the h despite his marital status. She finds out (not via him) and is devastated.

During his relationship with the h, he gets drunk and allows ow to take him home and almost have her way with him. Heroine walks in a "situation" with them and naturally walks away.

After this he has near-sex with an ex. (Not the wife).
Near sex, cos just as he gets the condom ready he sees the h's bracelet and he is overcome with emotion: "sadness, guilt" mostly.

All through this he is obsessed with h.
Is desperate to marry her and make her his in that way.
Jealous and possessive. Violently so.
He loves her to bits and needs her presence in his life.
Travis style. (Well, Travis style, minus the wife he is determined to have a relationship with, for as long as he lives.)

In the meantime the tstl sweet h, who has her own demons......is maybe / maybe not having a miscarriage.
No, its placenta previa.
She soldiers on and when Jake gets a job offer, she moves away from her family to be with Jake and their baby. And closer to his wife.

One year later and Jake is still visiting his wife. (Now ex.)
Except its more often now. Every Saturday.
He leaves right after breakfast and returns home in the evening.
Heroine deals. Because this is what she signed up for when she made a commitment to Jake.

She also deals with postpartum depression and everything that goes with this condition, incl lack of sex drive, poor self image, medication and therapy.
Unfortunately they don't go to therapy together nor do they communicate about her condition. Until the end.

The poor man must be thinking he is doomed to love women who have episodes of "normal" and "not so normal" behaviour:
Jake, to h: ".......I thought....that meant ....it was back again...." (Her depression, he means)
However, he sticks around because he does realise she is, as he says: "sick" and he loves her.

Unfortunately at one stage, I'm not too sure how much therapy has helped her understand her condition because despite weekly therapy sessions she feels he has: "every right to be angry" about the way she hasn't been able to feel desire or desirous. "Dont apologise for something I created.......I did that to you....I will never treat you like that again...."

Jake is also a crier. For her. For his wife.

Then the three of them live happily ever after.....