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Some Kellan and Travis....

Long After  - Cheryl McIntyre Sweet Home - Tillie Cole Escape In You - Rachel Schurig

Long After (Sometimes Never 3) by Cheryl McIntyre Oct 2013 - 4 STARS

Chase reminds me of Kellan. Vulnerable and needy and so utterly sweet and patient. Love triangle. No cheating. College. Nicely written. Annie is troubled but not unworthy. Book 3 in series but you don't HAVE to read the previous 2, although it was nice to be able to place the other characters. She comes first in his life, I love how he drops everything and everyone else for her.



Sweet Home by Tillie Cole Oct 2013 

Here's Travis in all his glory - I'm not done yet and Ive gone into this book without spoilers or checking any reviews, so I cant say much about it yet, except that he is a dawg with EVERYONE but her and VERY needy/possessive/controlling.



Escape In You by Rachel Schurig Oct 2013

He CANNOT be without her and he is violently protective of her.