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The Lucky Five - Arow Jones NB: MY SHELVES = SPOILERSWhat a beautiful couple and premise. One of my fav storylines.Its not often that an unedited book holds my attention to the very end. This one did because I desperately wanted to follow the Hxh to their HEA. I was convinced that if I just read a bit further, the inconsistencies would disappear. That if I just read another chapter, I could overlook the lack of editing. That's how much I wanted to see how the premise panned out. How much I wanted to embrace another new author's hard work. After all, writers give so much of themselves in their stories. It goes against my love of the written word and my respect for worthy writers to admit that ANY work is a bad offering. So it pains me to say it about this book. Too many negatives that I won't go into, except to say that this work has not been edited at all. This is so, so sad because from what I see in her "About the Author" notes, I can relate to Ms Jones on many levels. She HAS created characters and situations I could identify with and there were many parts that I could have enjoyed. So when this book is cleaned up and re-published I will read it again. I will certainly try this author's work again. To my book buddies (the really-honest-to-a-tee-don't-spare-any-feelings ones): please don't read this one, because I know you are going to tear it apart and I want to be sincere yet gentle with this review. ETA - I'm finding it hard to rate this book because correctly:1 star would mean that I did not like it - which is untrue because there WERE parts I liked. 2 stars would mean that it was ok.