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Inside Out - Grayson Reyes-Cole Loved it! The H, Garret reminds me sooo of Kellan from Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens. He is just as sweet and adoring and falls head over heels for Tracey, who initially doesnt give him the time of day. She is attracted to him but fights him ALL THE WAY. *****POSSIBLE SPOILERS********She has heavy racial issues - she's black and he is white. Its a long arduous, torturous journey before he manages to get her to commit. He is obsessed with her, can't stay away from her though he is in a relationship. I felt for him, I really did. I don't like the cover and nearly didn't read it cos of that. For me it just doesn't do the intensity of their relationship justice. But then again, what kind of cover am I asking for lol? I felt as sorry for him as I did Kellan. Rett lived and breathed Tracey and hth he didn't give up on her was beyond me. Grrr! She is as frustrating as Kiera if not more so, except in her defence, I must say she doesn't so much as look at another man after she meets Rett. I liked the whole college theme. I liked that it was a bit more in depth than the usual YA-ish books Ive been reading lately. In fact, I read this one looking for some angst-relief - boy was I mistaken. Riddled with intensity, love and stupidity on her part. Yes, I see why her issues rule her life but the choices she makes and how she hurts Rett, made me wanna smack her upside her head. The author sure knows her stuff!