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Mobster's Girl (Mobster, #1) - Amy Rachiele Just my thoughts...I loved Tonio, the hero. Why? Cos he is gorgeous and talented and flat out top dog alpha male, he's the mob boss's son (in EVERY sense of the word!! be warned!) They call him lady-killer for a reason - although he isnt a man-ho, he makes smoking look sexyyyyyy, he is fixated on Megan, the heroine, the only gentling influence in his life. (He reminds me so much of Travis from Beautiful Disaster)Lotsa lustful thoughts but no explicit scenes. The violence though, is typical of my idea of mobsters - no pulled punches here. He lives by his pop's motto: "Dont think, just do"Megan is sweet, innocent and beautiful and perfect for Tonio.I shouldve picked up on where the story was going but missed it because I was so fixated on their relationship and all the other good things about this story.There is a sequel so watch out for the ending. I worried about the lack of editing but not enough to put me off. I will be looking out for this author's books and hope the next one comes SOOOOON!ETA for some good news: - the author says she has ".....re-edited the book, no content changes......"