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Forbidden - Abbie Williams My thoughts, with possible spoilers:I didnt want this book to end. I couldn't wait to turn the pages because every time I did, I was one step closer to knowing how Bryce and Matthew were going to  get the HEA  they deserved,. On the other hand I DIDN'T want to get to the end cos i wanted to continued to bask in the overwhelming connection these two had. I wanted to stay in the presence of this beautiful couple: gentle, GOOD, decent "stunningly attractive",  sexy alpha male, Matthew, and gorgeous, vulnerable, small-town girl, Bryce. I wanted to continue reveling in how much he loved her, how possessive, jealous, protective he was. Oh and did i mention possessive and protective??? Wowza. Theres a scene i read 5 times over. Five times!!!!She floored him from the first time they meet. Their connection is immediate. Explosive. I wanted to carry on crying when he cried and I wanted to keep swallowing my tears when she tried swallowing hers and just cry again when she cried. There's a LOT of tears. From all three of us. For their forbidden love, the hurt and happiness and hope and hopelessness of their situation.Bruce is the perfect heroine. Despite her forlorn circumstances she is a lovely, real girl. More mature than her 20 years suggest. Her love for him is just as intense:"......He is for me, she thought,......." - How precious is that, right?I wanted to stay with them in beautifully portrayed Rose Lake. I didn't want to stop reading about the vividly portrayed scenery, the REAL people, the REAL emotions, the wonderful secondary characters. The author thoroughly captures the mystery surrounding their pasts and the effect it's having on their present and future.I enjoyed Ms Williams' writing style. Immensely. It's hard to believe she isn't a seasoned writer, cos how can this excellent work not have been produced by someone whose been writing for years and years - that's what I kept thinking as I read.17 June to 3 July - that's the timeframe of this story. With an epilogue a year later.So their connection is swift and deep and yes, rather short, but i was willing to suspend reality for the sake of their journey.I loved their story and the way in which Ms Williams told it.