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Guitar Notes - Mary Amato Enchanting, insightful and delightful. Full of wittisicms, laugh out loud moments and sadness.Seeing the way young Tripp and Lyla's minds work - what an experience. Boy oh boy, young ones are something else. A species on their own and Ms Amato captures it perfectly: how wise and yet so naive they are, their frustrations and joy. Ahh, the list is long....I dont have a musical bone in my body yet every note in this story got to me. Then there are the little handwritten notes, words, feelings. Excellently portrayed.I cant actually capture, in this review, the depth of the story, of their emotions - my words are not adequately displaying how touched I was, even after I finished the story. I cried quite a bit, giggled alot and was in absolute awe of how Tripp's mind worked. The title alone is more than. More than just guitar notes. More than...ugh!...read it...you'll see what I mean.I'm recommending this book to my 13 year old son, my 24 year old niece, and my 60 year old mum, because readers of any age could enjoy this as much as I did.Thank you, dear author, for sharing your talent with us.ETA:Oh yes, Lyla creates a website, in the story and there is actually a REAL REAL website where we can hear the songs Tripp and Lyla compose. Imagine that :)