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The Unwanted Wife - Natasha Anders I especially loved:The writing style- is this a first time writer? Cos she's a darn sight better than many often published authors.  I'm looking forward to any future books by Ms Anders.The realistic, unforced dialogue. It was like actually listening to normal people conversing, nothing was affected/unnatural It was an edgy, emotional read that had me crying. Continuously. The sexy, tasteful, passionate intense  love scenes and the palpable sexual tension between the H and h.That the H was pure gorgeous alpha male, possessive, totally thrown, bewildered by the strength of his feelings for h.That the H, despite being a childish, sulking bastard, could be brought to tears in his grief.That he chose to be with her over his family once he realized how he felt about her.Reminded me of a Modern Mills and Boon and how much I used to enjoy how "These stories are all about passion and escape-glamorous international settings, captivating women and the seductive, tempting men who want them." I didn't like that:The h didnt socialise, had no occupation, housework or kids to keep her busy. No friends, family or in-laws except her cousin and CIL. So what did she do with herself for last couple of years, alone in that house? She had a hobby but how else did she occupy herself day in and day out for months on end?She came from a financially privelidged background, probably attended good schools but totally admits she is "technologically-backward. She could barely operate her mobile phone, so e-mailing, instant messaging and every other form of electronic -inging, left her completely baffled"She cried THROUGHOUT the book. Probably pregnancy hormones, depression because of the sheer hopelessness of her situation. I would be depressed too if the 2 men in my life (father and husband) despised my very existence. She is emotionally abused, in a rut from which she uses every excuse to not remove herself, defends her abuser - all signs of "battered wife syndrome".  He didn't call her like he promised, while he was away, fully aware of her difficult pregnancy His ridiculous explanation of why he spent so much time kissing, touching, dancing, smiling with Francesca and WHY he didn't her call when he was away.Glad they had their HEA and hope we get a glimpse of their future together, if Ms Anders decides to make a series with maybe some of Sandro's sexy Friday night buddies.