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Back to You - Priscilla Glenn BACK TO YOU BY PRISCILLA GLENN with SPOILERS:Found a new favorite author to add to my list!Well written, contemporary read. Told in flashbacks, which I don't normally enjoy but this was done excellently. Kept me in suspense about what tore them apart 8 years ago. Their emotions, thoughts, facial expressions were very real to me. 8 YEARS AGO - The "bad boy" scenario in the summary, is what first drew me to this read. He was a PERFECT bad boy. Everything a sweet young girl should stay way from. I thoroughly enjoyed this YA part of the book.I felt the connection between them: For her - that she had the prerequisite good girl crush on the bad boy, that she could see the worthiness in him that he doesn't seeFor him - that she was this beautiful girl who put him on a pedestal he doesn't deserve to be on, that she was the girl that deserved only the best, that she was the best friend he could ever want. I wasn't convinced that he felt anything more than brotherly love and the utmost respect for her. This impression is further confirmed when learning that the hero moved on and loved someone else.I felt that because she loved him, with all the intensity of adolescence, she placed unnecessary demands on him to reciprocate her feelings. That she placed too much of a burden on someone as young and troubled as he was, in expecting him to make a commitment to her, when he was clearly struggling with wanting to hold onto a friendship that meant so much to him. That she took advantage of his reliance on her presence in his life and his hormones and "encouraged" him into a physical situation before he was ready for it.NOW - I admired the hero's devotion to the things in his life that he felt was important. What a solid guy. Liked how the heroine stayed sweet and just as caring as she was as a YA. Thoroughly enjoyed their reconnection: the tension, awareness between them. I felt and didn't like - - That after they parted 8 years ago, the heroine remained in emotional limbo from the devastation of losing "the love of her life".- that they are perfect for each other now only because: she is a convenient mother figure for his daughter, she is as beautiful and sweet as she was before, he has matured into a fine young man, a gorgeous fine young man, at that and they have the chemistry and enough in common to make a relationship work (I'm too much of an unrealistic romantic to like "convenience" to be a factor in any HEA)I could have considered this an average, mediocre, cute read and accepted the things I didn't like, at face value, but I fell in love with the protagonists and chose to expect more from them than the average read would provide. I fell in love with the author's ability to project their feelings so accurately onto a piece of paper. There is one particular scene that stands out, near the beginning of the book, which made my expectations higher than they probably should be because Ms Glenn could very well be aiming for sweet and cute and here I am, projecting my own personal expectations. ***blush***Can't WAIT to try other books by Ms Glenn because she is on autobuy for me from here on out.