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Snapshot (The Jamieson Collection, #2) - Angie Stanton My thoughts on fb:Im a zombie. At least, I look and feel like one. Marathon reading does that I suppose - sigh - Stayed up whole night reading Snapshot by Angie Stanton and am functioning just enough to rave about this lovely book. Adam and Marti are so sweet together. Adam is every young girl's dream and Marti is a beautiful, vulnerable heroine. And it was just comforting to catch up with the first Jamieson brother, Peter and his heroine Libby from the previous book: Rock and a Hard Place. Now I NEED to read Garrett's story!Adam is a darling and Marti is such a worthy heroine. I enjoyed how very well you depicted the whole instant attraction aspect, very typical of teenage YA, where they can fall headily in love and lust and form a full on emotional bond within days. Oh to be a teenager again.....this book brought back wonderful memories for me....Now, plse plse put me out of my misery and tell me that Garrett is going to get his comeuppance??? He's a real little sheister (can I say that here?) and I would love to see him knocked off his pedestal by a heroine who just simply wont stand for his crap. Of course, he IS a Jamieson, so halfway forgiven already. But truly, do I see a major takedown coming up next? plse-say-yes-plse-say-yes-plse-say-yes........he certainly needs a strong heroine to show him what for!Oh and it was also wonderful to catch up with Peter and Libby - he is still so focused on her and their relationship - swooon....