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Blue Love (Love #1) - M.J. Fields My thoughts on books 1 to 3The last time I read a couple this buggered, is the Closer Trilogy.. Except Lucas and Tessa are WORSE. Much worse. They are so wrong for each other. The words: obsessed, possessive, needy, territorial, jealous don't come close to describing how he feels about her. She is exactly the same. I wish I could put into words how intense this read is. The blurbs of each book explains exactly what stage they are at in their lives, so we sort of know where each book is going. But believe me, nothing prepared me for the love and pain the H and h experience. She's a friggin martyr. He is the worse boyfriend any girl could possibly ask for. I hate him. He is the devil incarnate beautiful bad-boy. And she irritates me. Shes a gorgeous goody goody two shoes with a mean streak and gives as good as she gets. But their connection is such an explosive train wreck, I'm morbidly glued to the devastation that is their relationship. They grow within themselves and their relationship and then backslide into despair so much, its like they never grew in the first place. I'm so SO frustrated!There is so MUCH happening in each book. Im sure some will think that its OTT but its all very believable to me. Very real. Each one is lengthy and has a bittersweet ending. The other characters are wonderful to read. I love them all. The author isn't afraid to flesh them out. The thing is, you'd expect this kind of read to not have much "together time" for them, but nope, they're together even when they're not together. Weird. Addictive.I don't like: that its an installment read of 4 books, its expensive, that it seriously needs a good cleanup iro grammar, punctuation, spelling. In fact, the lack of editing is disconcerting, more so because its such a good story and otherwise so well written. But its not enough to deter me from it. I'm enthralled and horrified that I AM enthralled in the first place. But truly, I can't be bothered with all these problems cos I love-hate this story so much. I'm also gonna check out the author's other books. I love her writing style.Oh, and Lucas is a crying hero. A b@stard crying hero. He messes up. ALL. THE. TIME. But dear goodness I love him. And I love the hold she has over him cos he is just too much of an arrogant @.$$hole and I'm gleefully watching him squirm and flounder around like a lost fool. The pig. If he wasn't so f'd up and so addicted to her, so vulnerable and so misunderstood, I'd have thrown in the towel long ago. I mean, they go around in CIRCLES! Over and over again!I'm almost done with book 3 and have NO idea if there's even a HEA for them in book 4. You know I must have a solid HEA, right? This is the first time I can honestly say that if it doesn't happen, I'm probably gonna be fine with it. Right now, he is hurting her too much, she's allowing it too often and the one MAIN thing that keeps me reading is that HE hurts JUST as much as her every time.