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Talania — A Trip Down Memory Lane - Crystal Spears FAV line so far:“I will not survive without her again. My heart was shattered when she was gone. My soul was caged. She is back and I amMY RECC AT AMMY:He's like Kellan and Travis iro neediness, protective/territorial/caring for her. Crying hero. Its a nice story. I cried because of the situation they find themselves in. The blurb gives the background of the story and if I add anything else it'll be considered spoilers.Needs editing. I liked the premise of the story but I didn't find it to be a fulfilling read and didn't connect with the characters. But I'm mentioning it here cos the hero is Travis-like and we all take away different things from diff books. It was like someone was reading a heartfelt story to me. A situation I could deeply empathize with yet I felt removed from their situation. It felt rushed and the timeline seemed out to me. The bottom line of the story is great and I wished I could get into it, especially considering the gravity of the topic. The author did that part very well, I think. Kudos to her. The "idea" of her characters are wonderful but something is missing for me. I'm frustrated with myself for that, cos I really needed to love this one.Its not a bad book. Just not for me.I wanted....more. I kept at it. HOPING and hoping and hoping that it would come. Yes, I know its a short read, I get that, but I've read short gripping fulfilling reads, so I know it can be done. I also know that I can't expect a whammer of a book every time I read one but this book has a fantastic plot that fell short. I almost felt cheated which is ridiculous on my part cos, after all this author didn't write this especially for me, you know? I just felt it could've been so much more. Im thinking, if say M Leighton (Fragile) or Colleen Hoover got hold of a premise like this, that book will be a NYT bestseller. They'd probably do the grave subject matter justice.I didn't dislike it, I just felt irritated and resentful that I wasn't getting a meatier read. Sigh. So hard to please. Maybe if this was the first book I ever read, it would have made an impact on me, but I have too much to compare it with, I suppose.I feel a right cow for not being able to give it 5/5 stars. I gave it a 3 in GR cos like I say, it might not be a book for me but there ARE good things about the book.