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Trick - Lori Garrett Notes to self including SPOILERS:What a roller coaster. Up down left right yes no forward backwards chop change. Its well written.Unless I'm blind, there's not an error in sight. That alone makes it a beaut to me. He is alpha. Antihero. S0nofabiatch swine. I hate him. I adore him. You recall Rule? He's worse. No remorse worse. Could. Not. Give. A. Dayam. Then he becomes needy, vulnerable, possessive, jealous, Travis-like. Then he is soft and sweet and caring, even with the ow, who plays a big part. A part I hate of course. I like how the author developed his character as the book progresses. The h irritated me later in the book. Shades of Keira iro the attitude but no OM. She's a poor little rich girl. Adored by father. Beautiful. Her character is perfectly brought across.And she buggers up his world. Some other stuff happening. Nothing major. Nice New Ya Romance. I think I can safely term the sex in this book as erotica.Standalone. (Thank you, jesus, an author I can take seriously) HEA.No cheating,but.......There is a companion book to follow, where the heroine's bf is the MC.Will definitely try this author again.