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Fighting for Flight - J.B. Salsbury FAV lines:“Resolve burns deep in my chest. My heart pounds with intent. The buzz between my ears throbs and floods my body. My veins surge with revenge in lethal potency. A plan forms in my head. My lips curl as my teeth clench.I’m going to get Raven back tonight. I don’t care who I have to kill to do it.”(His thoughts on her less-than-motherly mother:)“This woman has caused the girl I love more pain than I can stomach. I see-saw between wanting to scream at her and wanting to worship at her feet. She holds the key to my future.”“The rickety A-frame cabin stands alone in the mass of pine trees, a one-lane dirt driveway leading to it. It’s small, probably two bedrooms at most. This shit shack looks like it’s made of scrap wood and spit. If I weren’t convinced Raven was inside, I’d drive my truck full speed through the front fucking door.”