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Giving You Forever (The Forever Series, #4) - Ashley Wilcox I was content with where the first book ended. But as usual, I love hearing more about my favorite MCs so I naturally picked up this book. Couldn't resist it and I'd already decided that I was gonna follow this author's work. Nolan was soooo sexy and I loved the way he loved her and was devoted to her happiness. Alexa is a cute girl and he is the love of her life too.I'm a bit concerned though, that these prices were set for each book:Kindle $4.99. Paperback $10.74 and $8.60. I'm finding the prices inflated based on the fact that both are relatively short stories. Despite this, I wasn't put off.I didn't notice that Amazon lists this book as erotica:"Books > Literature & Fiction > Erotica", so I was surprised to find that the whole book is based on their sex life, with a few other story lines added in. So Amazon has categorised it correctly as this is not a New YA. Its basically the story of their daily lives, consisting of constant sex, college, work and families. Not much angst until these plots are added in:- her miscarriage- his secrets- him abandoning herThese were the source of angst to keep the reader's interest. Plots that have been overused and it didn't belong in the lives of such a solid couple. Not after they had already had their HEA, anyway. There are many other heavy angsty plots that would have done them justice.We find out that Nolan has been keeping a huge part of himself from Alex. A part that cannot only be relegated to his past because he is severely affected by it in the present, to the extent that he leaves her at a time when she has never needed him more. His reasons for leaving her are unrealistic - I wondered if people really do that? For those reasons? I'm really not convinced especially as he is determined to move on, having taken all his clothing, making plans to sell his business and completely disappear from everyone he held dear. Poof! Its a betrayal of gigantic proportions (I shudder to think what his reaction would have been had she kept this type of secret from him.)to not share this kind of thing with your partner and it totally changed the way I perceive Nolan. It isn't consistent with the character that has been built up in this book and the first one. He was loyal and everything a girl could want in a man. To me, he now comes across as weak and dishonest. A man that can keep secrets of this magnitude does not deserve a worthy heroine like Alexa. She has gone through so much hurt and betrayal already but being sweetly TSTL she now unfortunately forgives and forgets without much ado. So now, I have no idea who Nolan really is. This is sad cos Ive gone through one and a half books with him and now he is...gone...just not Nolan anymore. I would have forgiven him if he had come clean without being pushed to do so. I wonder now if he would ever have told her had he not been forced to.I need to finish this story but am reluctant to do so because he needs to do MAJOR grovelling and I'm not sure he will. She needs to NOT run after him and bring him home. He needs to come back to her on his own.ETA - Ive finished this book and like I expected, she runs to find him and he doesnt grovel.