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Fragile - M. Leighton Book review Including possible spoilers : Fragile by M Leighton (Contemporary YA)It's seldom that a book touches me enough to warrant a FULL 5 stars. If 10 stars were a valid rating, I used it for this book.There's is NOTHING I would change about this book, simply because  perfection cannot be improved upon.The title already is relevant to the story. We have a summary at the beginning of the book. For ONCE I don't have to google a blurb or summary by the time I get around to reading a book on my tbr list. There's an epilogue! Wraps up the story perfectly.Flawless editing. Highest standard of writing. Realistic, engaging repartee. Spot on, well researched depiction of the various medical issues. The length of the book is just right: not too short, not too long.Is it possible to want to meet a fictional character? Because I NEED to meet beautiful Miracle.  I agree with Hardy: "Nothing seemed as interesting, as captivating, as important as the face of that girl."She's dignified, beautiful inside and out,courageous, a survivor, sweet, kind, understanding. A true heroine in every sense of the word. (yes, I know, I'm being a total cliche' whore, but I'm telling it like it is)She adores Hardy:“You’re the stuff dreams are made of, Hardy Bradford,” she said wistfully.She is vulnerable but not needy.  She's forgiving but not a pushover. She suffers but shes not a victimShe's a realist but still a dreamer.Then, is it possible to LOVE a fictional character? Because I love Hardy Bradford.He is a quiet, strong, handsome, ripped, sweet, thoughtful, alpha, a leader, gentle, honest, just blinking adorable.He is perfect in every possible way, yet:"Hardy whispered, just loud enough for Miracle to hear, “Someday I’ll marry you, Miracle.  And maybe someday after that, I’ll deserve you.”He is vicious in his will to protect her:“So help me God,” Hardy hissed between gritted teeth, releasing Miracle’s hand to wrap his fingers tightly around Cheyenne’s upper arms.  “If you so much as breathe in her direction ever again, you will regret the day you met me, Cheyenne.  And please, please test me.  I’m begging you.” His jealousy of her ex boyfriend, Jonas:"..........(Jonas) grinned like the cat that ate the canary.  Hardy hoped he choked on the feathers."He is possessive and protective of her, to the point of violence:"Bone hitting bone split the quiet night like a crack of thunder. Hardy felt very little pain as the bones in his hand gave way.  He didn’t realize what had happened until he landed his second punch and felt the splintering in his wrist."Truly, it's like he has blinkers on when he's in her presence. He literally doesn't see ANYONE or ANYTHING else, so much her very being consumes him.To me, this is the essence of their story:"Miracle was thinking she’d finally fallen in love, for the first time and maybe the last, with someone who may or may not be around for very long.  Hardy was thinking he’d found someone that made his past and his future not matter quite so much, someone who gave him a present that eclipsed everything else.  But there was a chance he might lose her. "We read about a jealous vindictive girlfriend, an abusive father, a reluctant football hero, a heroine who lives her life to the best of her abilities. I don't quite know how the author managed this but she captures the expressions, mannerisms, dialogue, of the various characters of all ages: toddlers, teenagers, young adults and adults, in such an accurate, natural way. Its like I can actually SEE their expressions and HEAR their words like the scenes are being played out in front of me, so REAL they were.Look at them laugh. Just laugh. How well its captured:"When her eyes met his, they sparkled with mischief.  He knew her laugh was coming before it bubbled from her lips.  When it finally did, it gushed over him like a warm tide and he laughed, too."I hope there is no sequel. It doesn't need a sequel. Well, unless it's their offspring's love story yes, because that way I can get a glimpse of how well the H and h in this book have loved and lived.There  are no imperfections in this book. NONE. And I have the utmost respect for this author.