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Fate Interrupted

Fate Interrupted - Kaitlyn Cross I don't think I've ever read a 'romance' where the hero spends the majority of the book with the 'other woman'.In this installment book 1, (which ends on a cliffhanger) and then in book 2 as well.SPOIERSThrough both erotica installments (there's no romance in either) he has sex with the ow (many detailed sex scenes, which in a romance would normally take place between the H and h)), marries the ow, goes on honeymoon with his new bride, plays possible father-to-be to his wife's unborn baby. Is being blackmailed. Spends most of the book fighting to get away from his batshit crazy wife's creepy advances and apologizing to the heroine for all the chaos. Maybe its meant to be a thriller or suspense read. There's certainly no healthy awareness of AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. The hero is weak, definitely not an alpha. The heroine is TSTL as she waits for him.Not much one-on-one-together time with the H and heroine.One of the oddest story lines I've read.