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How It Rolls (Love and Skate, #2)

How It Rolls (Love and Skate, #2) - Lila Felix FAV line everrrrrr everest ever:My seven a.m. teacher was from France. And he spoke Frenglish. Sometimes it was funny, but when he announced which chapters we should study and the names came out in English, but the chapter numbers came out in French, I wanted to strangle the sacre bleu out of him.FAV quote from Falcon:"One way or the other, come back to me, in a month, or a year, when you’re old, a haunt in my dreams, an invasion of my sanity, make a way to come back.”My latest book boyfriend: Falcon.Kellan-like needy and vulnerable. A too serious should-probably-take-a-chill-pill sweet, loving, strong, soft, adorable, good, loyal, stand-up guy. Some will probably think he needs to "get a life".She is the love of his life from the moment he sees her. No cheating. He needs to be with her and love her and give her everything she needs. He wants to bind her to him forever yet even when he knows he might lose her, he does right by her. He has everything: loving family, financial security. It means nothing without her. Obsessed, protective, possessive and jealous. In his quite non dramatic way. He cries during a tear-jerker moment to do with his family. She irritates me but is young and hardworking and adores him and has more than her fair share of problems. Poor girl.It's book 2 of the Love and Skate Series. Don't have to read bk 1 but it was nice catching up with the Hxh from bk 1. Never thought I'd like this one. I nearly didn't read it cos I judged the book by its cover and didn't think I'd connect with punk-style H. Editing problems. Ending too abrupt, although they are together and I'm happy about where they are. Possible installment, although the next book in the series covers another hero and heroine.