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Chasing After Infinity

Chasing After Infinity - L. Jayne This is a story of two very damaged young adults who are drawn to each other, in a deeply, weirdly intense way. They both have major issues that they have to tackle everyday on top of having to fight this connection between them. And they DO fight it. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Perfect portrayal of high school situations. Yes, high school is exactly like this. I was immersed in their intense world of angst, hatred, love and dependency. Ms Jayne does it so well: the way they react to each other, the way they move, touch, speak, their expressions, their words, their thoughts. It's like I'm right there with them at their lockers, at their cafeteria table, in the quad, on the beach, in their homes, in their cars, on the dance floor, in the changing rooms. Where IS this author? I want inside her head. How is it possible to bring across so MUCH in such an unpolished work? There are so many emotions flying around in this little story. The hero and heroine don't really "grow". Oh, they get older, the months and then 4 years go by, but basically they stay the same buggered up co dependent people they started out to be. And I loved it. Basically they go through high school trying to deal with their various issues, trying to deal with each other.Adrian:Excerpt: “He’s heartbreak waiting to happen”Excerpt: “He’s just a broken player. Literally and figuratively.”Avena:Excerpt: “She was everything complicated; all coy eyes, snarky attitude, and hard edges.”Adrian and Avena:Excerpt: “You’re unable to love. I can’t love you either,” I choke out. “We’re poison for each other.”“No,” Adrian says into my hair as he pulls me to him until my head is in the crook of his collarbone and I’m inhaling in his scent. “We’re infinity together. Unstoppable.”Adrian and Avena's story deserves to be told. Properly. Ms Jayne has created two beautifully real protagonists, in their own stunningly violent love hate reality. If this story is cleaned up, it's potential is sky reaching. The author deserves an editor who believes in her. Who will help her take this book to its rightful place at the top of the reading charts. Ms Jayne needs to have this book edited and published by a reputable publishing house because it has HUGE potential. I'm embarrassed to say that I loved this book because the editing is horrendous and the inconsistencies in the plot are ridiculous. But that's the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars. I loved everything else about it. I love how this author manages to bring across the intense emotion and very real issues that she tackles. If this book, with all its glaringly obvious errors can pack a punch like it has, I can only imagine the effect it will have once its been "neatened". I wasn't happy with the abrupt ending. I wanted more for them. I wanted an epilogue to SEE or feel their HEA but I'm assuming its the author's intention to leave things where they are, another reason I think she is just brilliant. A sequel is not necessary, but if there was one, I would be on it like white on rice.