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The Right To Remain Mine

The Right To Remain Mine - Linda Kage My first book by this author. The heroine is exactly what I needed to remind me that there ARE gorgeous, self assured heroines out there who are not defined by the men they love. She is sexy and confident and her connetcion with the hero is intense, just how I like it....He is a dedicated cop, a jealous, possessive lover. Shes a divorce lawyer who, despite falling hard and fast, remains tru to herself and her goals. Their attraction is electrical. Theyre addicted to each other. Yummy sexy scenes. They clash throughout the book. The chemistry between them doesnt detract from the constant clashes as they rub each other up the wrong way (and the right way of course LOL) He is an arrogant so and so and hunky to boot. The term: beautiful people come to mind when I think of these 2. I especially liked that though they are both strong willed, they both have vulnerable sides. The best part of this book for me is the passionate relationship they have. I had some issues with other stuff going on but it didnt once stop me from wanting to finish their story. I also like that we hear from the hero's POV as well.