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Falling Into Us

SPOILERS:Loved it. Different to the run-of-the-mill New Young Adult books.It’s a portrayal of their journey from naïve-first-hormonal-puppy-love-teenage-boy-and-girl to a deep and secure “adult” love with a solid HEA.It’s NOT the clichéd fall-in-love-then-have-angst-then-breakup-then-makeup storyline. For once:*There are no ridiculous misunderstandings or manufactured theatrics.*No hackneyed plot devices or unnecessary conflicts. *No rushed ending.*No cliff-hanger.*No cheating.*It’s well proofread with only a couple of editing issues, almost unnoticeable.*No obligatory “other woman/man”*There are no constant references as to how beautiful they are. And they are. Very beautiful. He's one of the most sexy, gloriously masculine heroes. She's real and stunning and everything woman. But this aspect isn’t harped upon on every second page. They are not defined by their gorgeousness.*It’s a slow steady read where the author concentrates on the little things too. The not-so-minor details that turn familiar, trite scenes into a world of substance and palpable existence.* They’re not sappy or unrealistic and its wonderfully fulfilling to read about how they see each other, how they adore each other, how each becomes the others’ touchstone.* They flounder and crash and heal and move on to the next level of their lives. TOGETHER. TOGETHERRRR. No breaking up and making up crap. (That is one of THE most overused sources of angst in NYA books of late.) *They communicate.*She's the aggressor in their sexual relationship, in their tastefully executed believably portrayed (HAWT) intimate moments. *The sex scenes (of which there are plenty) are realistic and again the finer details make all the difference: bodies perfectly aligned, no ridiculous out of proportion body settings which we know cannot possibly work in real life. Whether it’s in the cramped confines of his truck or their own bed, in the kitchen or the shower - it. Just. Makes. SENSE. From their first innocent and awkward fumbles to their matured risqué couplings – very intuitively written. (I often wonder if it wouldn’t be better for some authors to get a Barbie and Ken doll to practise out some of these situations they place their characters in. Won’t they then better know that a particular body part CANNOT connect/align with that particular part of the other person if they are placed in that particular way? Well, whether Ms Wilder used Barbie and Ken or not, she got it all right. Kudus to her.* The hero is a Gamma male. He doesn’t need to take control and is one of the strongest heroes I’ve met lately. Yet he is sweet, genuine, considerate and gentle. He has this quiet patience, this oh so…. steady, constant, never-ending patience. BUT when he reaches his limit, when you touch his don’t-go-there place, he is ruthless and violent and quite prepared to punish the offender until said asshole offender chokes on his own blood, left for dead. Scary stuff that. * The heroine is not a lip-biting daydreamer. (Although I’m fond of those ones too) She's a smart overachiever who works hard at her studies. She is a contradiction: quiet, serious, shy, "proper", strong and grounded. She’s also happy, sunny and always loyal. Sometimes she is selfish, vulnerable, fragile and weak but always, always with an underlying strength that the author manages to convey. She comes from a well-off family. Doesn't work part time during her high school or college years, and she makes NO apologies for this. After all, she can’t work AND graduate with one of the highest GPAs in their entire state. I love her for this because somehow, some way, she never comes across as spoiled and takes nothing for granted. She is loyal and she stands by her man.Their story is authentic and they deal with harsh, painful circumstances as the years go by. Their relationship is all consuming, playful, intense, real and the stuff fantasies are made of.My Fav lines:Cos he’s so devoted to her: “My motivation in life was to be a good enough man for her, worthy of her awesomeness.”Cos this author didn’t just get her heroine to “sob pitifully”: “She hiccupped, sniffed, blinked hard, and licked the tear away from the corner of her mouth."Cos really…this needs no explanation: “Promise me you’ll love me forever. No matter what.” He caught the desperation in my eyes, my voice, and he didn’t question it, didn’t hesitate for a split second. “I can’t promise you forever, Beck.” “I can’t promise you forever, because that’s not long enough.”Cos her H doesn’t just “swallow his tears”: “I felt salty heat burn my eyes. A lifetime of conditioning kept the tears from falling”