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Beneath This Man (This Man, #2)

Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas REVIEW TO COME / MY PRIVATE NOTES FROM PREVIOUS RECCS:****SPOILER*******He does betray her with that Sarah incident. Absolutely. Unequivocally. Without a doubt. And he does lie. And then he lies by omission as well. But the bottom line is that he betrays her. Horribly. The tw@t. He doesn't "cheat" as such, if you go by the traditional mean of the word "cheat". But because of the nature of his "indiscretion" and cos its HIM in particular, I consider it a betrayal. Simply because of what that session meant to him and whom he went to for it. (I wish I could swear here. Is there NO profanity I can use here that's not gonna get me deleted again????)God, I don't have words for how much he riles me. His stupid reasoning wrt Sarah! How is it possible, that a big, successful man like Jesse can't smell a rat like her? Tell me that? And those biaatches that cornered him at the club? How could he not extricate himself from their talons??? What utter rubbish. You know me! I LIKE my heroes OTT, the more eff'd they are the better. But Jesse Ward is another story. And don't get me talking about HER! Jesus Christ. I wouldn't have minded all their rubbish if I felt they really love each other but they had NO time to GET to know each other. So what's to love? I get the explosive chemistry and sexual jealousy, sure. But I don't get the love. I must say though that i like the way the author gets so many other things right. The everyday happenings is so refreshingly different to the usual "by rote" contemps. I will read her other work, definitely. (Beneath this man) There's so MUCH happening in this book. Every 2nd there's a new truth coming out, a new development. This is the main issue Nico was referring to, but even so, its only a minor part of what else is going on. But at least its a start. Did you see the thread dedicated to it here on Amazon? There's not much in the way of spoilers, only a few.*********SPOILERS***********He is so upset with her that he leaves in a huff. Goes to the club and has his assistant whip him. The same skank whose malice toward Ava he is unaware of. They have also slept together before. So she knows what he likes etc. This is a betrayal in itself. Ava can't even breathe the same air as another man, but he does something so intimate with an ex.As the book progresses, more truths come out and there is just so much against them. He lies again and again and is terrified she will leave him, which is why he lies in the 1st place. So that she doesn't get upset and want to leave him. Such a vicious circle. He is truly one of the most obsessed, controlling, possessive, jealous heroes. The author gets that right on many levels. BUT it's OTT to the point of, gosh, I dunno what the term is even. But basically, his every single moment is about his obsession of her. The thing that frustrates me is that he has double standards and thinks nothing of leaving her on more than one occasion to tend to issues he shouldn't even be dealing with, considering that he is so terrified that she will leave him in the first place. ******SPOILERS********She goes mental. She choose a random Dom in the club, who just so happens to be the most sadistic of the lot, and has him whip her. She keeps her bra and jeans on, I think. Jesse had his jeans on only, during his whipping. But MBA, I must stress that there is much more to it than revenge.(It all happens so fast, within hours and she gives in too easily. And his dongalong is her master, I tell you.)His whipping- there's more to it than just a sexual act though, which is what makes it worse for me. It's too funny, the more he tries to explain himself, the more eff'd up he sounds and the more she realizes they won't work. And THAT'S the problem too: she KNOWS it won't work, at least not without therapy, but she talks herself right out of it and somehow in her mind she rationalizes it to be okay.Does this make sense to you: I love him and I hate him with all my heart. He is so messed up, so pathetic, so strong, so weak, so alpha, so masculine and so gorgeous and so eff'd up. This is one of the reasons why I gave it 3 stars in GR. He brushes off Ava's concerns. She can't possibly be right cos he genuinely believes that she is imagining things. When she tells him she has proof of the skank's deviousness, he ignores the possibility of it, even.While the read had lots to draw me in, it was too unrealistic. It didn't ring true enough. The bad outweighs the good. By far. The author makes her characters do great things and then the very next moment, they just don't act like themselves. Yes, it's all plot devices. But they don't work for me. He does get a clue, towards the end, about the OW, but its skimmed over.I know others love it, so maybe give it a try when all the installments are out? It's not a wonnnnderful book, and as hard as I bit my iPad, I'm glad I read it after all.The thing is, if she leaves him, she will be digging her on grave cos he will do exactly what she doesn't want him to do, and then they'd be in the same boat all over again. He can't help himself and that's what terrifies him as well. He admits he will mess up. It's a given. This hero is "the one most likely cheat after their HEA"