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Freeing Carter

Freeing Carter - Nyrae Dawn Possible spoilersI liked everything about this book. I very seldom vote five stars, unless it completely covers everything I'm looking for in a book of a certain genre. This romantic teenage YA perfectly describes hard hitting issues which people from all walks of life have to live with. It's insightful and accurately depicts the thoughts and feelings of an eldest son of an alcoholic, and that of a young woman who knows nothing of her birth parents, where she comes from, who she is. It also covers,amongst other things, effects divorce has on a teenage boy, perfectly spot on. The author has done her homework. Thoroughly. Carter wants "normal". A normal family, a normal schooling, a normal relationship with his girlfriend, normal teenage hood. Kira wants to know who she is. This is their journey to that place they want to be within themselves. I love her writing style and how nothing is rushed or skimmed over and that there were no loose ends. Where there is no definite, visible resolution in one case, this is how Carter tells us it's ok to not know everything: ".........He's eighteen. We’re all still trying to find out who we are. I don’t think we can always have the answers. Or maybe some of us do and some of us don’t. That’s life. I have no doubt he’ll find his way and be okay........"It's also a cute read with a gorgeous hero and heroine, so I also had lots of fun reading it. It's not all dark and has manyyyyyy lighthearted moments, quirky thoughts and witty comebacks - these are teenagers after all. Cute and sexy and romantic and age appropriate.