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While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3)

While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3) - Abbi Glines Older YA for language and sexual content)(My thoughts, with possible SPOILERS. Definitely swearing)Well, crap. The prologue, and I'm already trying to keep the tears at bay. Just another reminder why Ms Glines is one of my fav authors. Ever. Plus, who can go wrong with Tammara Webber, Elizabeth Reyes and Liz Reinhardt, as critique partners?So here he is, our bad boy, Cage, him of the pierced nipple and insolent thoughts:"........the fucking ridiculously perfect package in front of me. Damn. Maybe I should have come out to the country more often. I didn’t realize they grew girls like this out here." Despite his cocky attitude and love-em-and-leave-em lady killer ways, (yes, he is a panty dropping player) he falls for the one girl he shouldn't even be looking at. His attraction to her makes him vulnerable and like many reformed bad boys he doesn't feel that he is good enough for her.This is a sequel, so we’ve met Cage before and Ms Glines does NOT disappoint. She has carried through with the traits of Cage's personality that made us love him in Because of Low. She's kept him exactly as he was portrayed then: loyal, protective, alpha-male.....Eva is the quintessential, innocent “country" gal. She has known deep loss at her young age, is dependent on her loved ones, sheltered and spoilt, oftentimes brutish, but comes around when she needed to. Cage brings long-overdue smiles to her face and puts butterflies in her tummy. " ....... I forced myself not to continue gawking at him......" She's befuddled by how much she is drawn to him.The attraction is instantaneous and tangible. The relationship progresses speedily, typical of young adults all over the world. Lots of uneasiness stemming from misunderstandings, jealousy, etc. The intimate scenes between the H and h are believably, passionately, provocative. I don't recall ever reading a more accurate scene depicting the thoughts, words and actions of a young woman, who is giving herself for the first time to the boy she loves and that of a young man, with all his experience between the sheets, who wavers between his needs, protecting her from pain and making her first time as perfectly memorable as possible. A combination of sweet and naughty LOL.He's possessive: "....... And Krit, this is Eva, stay the fuck away,” Cage said in way of introduction....."He's jealous: " “I may beat his ass just because of the way you’re looking at him,” Cage growled beside me."He loves her like all us gals want to be loved: "................and I couldn’t hold back the words hammering in my head with each beat of my heart. “I love you.”........."A cute, sexy read. Loved catching up with some characters from "Because of Low”. Do I see Jeremy's story coming next????