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Love Unexpected - Anne   Leigh,  KMS Editing,  Okay Creations ****STILL TO BE REVIEWED: *****TAGS CONTAIN SPOILERSNOTES TO SELF:The hero totally reminds me of Edward in Nolebucgrl's Sideline Collision. (Collegeward) He's the famous alleged womanizing Golden Boy quarterback and shes an OCD high aiming college student who plans her life right down to the last fart. Needs MAJOR MAJOR editing. But I love him. He is too gorgeous and perfect for words. And she means the world to him. The minute he meets her she becomes his focus in life and nothing else matters as much. And this boy has everything:wealth, looks, great parents, he's an A student, woman literally p1$$ in their pants for him. No, really, I swear they do. There are cheesy moments in the book which must disappear with thorough doctoring by a good editor. I feel it's got so much potential and have given it a rare 4 outta 5 in GR.He is OTT jealous/possessive/protection/kinda-obsessive-takes-5-guys-to-haul-him-off-and-restrain-him when someone dares to mess with the love of his life. And the football game scenes are to die for