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Play With Me - Piper Shelly, Anna Katmore THOROUGHLY enjoyed this novella! It’s just perfect. I would'nt want to change a thing about it.It covers all the good things I like in YA Romance:The perfect hero (18yrs old): charming, captain of the soccer team, gorgeous, patient, young alphaThe perfect heroine (about to turn 17 yrs) : cute, vulnerable, sweet, witty Well written characters. Perfect portrayal of teenagers’ mannerisms, interests. YAs in their late teens would love the sizzling chemistry between the H and h, the LOL moments, bitchiness, insecurities, jealousies – all brilliantly conveyed. The intimate moments are beautifully written: tender and provocative, with just enough sexy edginess.The hero (sssswoooon) is a sweetheart and has eyes only for Liza. Liza thinks she has a crush on her best friend, Tony. That is, until she spends time with Ryan Hunter. So this is the story of how she finds her HEA with the right boy. Told from her POV.I knew it was a novella so I expected a short read. What I didn’t expect was that so much could be packed in a mere 30 000 words. Yet nothing is skimped on, no shortcuts taken. I love Ms Shelly’s writing style, how she managed to project so much FEELING into this little read. I mean, LOOK at this excerpt where the hero (Hunter) is about to take his shot at the pool table, not knowing that Liza is watching him. Just look:“I moved around the edge of the wall and stood face to face with Hunter across the room. Narrowed eyes and knitted brows gave away his tension. The cue moved backward just a couple of inches. He’d shoot any moment. But then his dark eyes looked up…and remained fixed on me. His body froze, only his chest moved with each breath. Heads turned in my direction. My heart drummed a little faster, and with all the attention, my cheeks warmed uncomfortably.”See what I mean? See what I mean?????? She da bom, this here author!Aaaaand to top it all off, a sequel has been planned. A sequel - NOT another instalment of Ryan and Liza’s story. The author updated her blog: “It will be about Tony’s struggles with his Happily-Ever-After at college”. Stand up and take a bow, Ms Shelly – I’m glad I’ve discovered your work.And, fellow readers, you might wanna check out this link to her website.....**clearing throat** - just to get a glimpse of Tony in a few years.......http://pipershelly.com/2012/12/29/there-will-be-a-sequel/