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Undeclared (Woodlands, #1)

Undeclared (Woodlands, #1) - Jen Frederick One of my FAV heroes. Enjoyed his alpha presence and how he had life plans in place for himself and Grace, despite her "undeclared" status. This excerpt pretty much sums it up:" “I just don’t get it. She’s not your type at all,” Bo said.“What’s my type?” I challenged.“Someone more driven. Someone who has her act together.”“She’s got her act together,” I said. I really didn’t know if she did, but what did it matter. I knew where I wanted to go. She could just come along with me.” "Grace is a wishy washy kinda heroine. Polar opposite to Noah. But this is the basis, the foundation on which this story is built. She's meant to be indecisive and weak, otherwise the title wouldn't make sense. So while I prefer stronger heroines, this book didn't need one. Noah didn't need one. He was strong enough for the both of them, she just had to love him and want to be with him.Can't wait for Bo's book next. Oh boy:" “Nice buffet.” Bo came up to stand next to me, waving at the college girls.............” "" “Who’s lovely Lana?” Mal asked.“Lovely Lana,” Bo said, “is a glorious blonde creature.”“You hitting that?” Mal asked.“Nope,” Bo leaned in. I could tell he was going to impart one of his dating philosophies. He had many. “There are only two circumstances in which you sleep with your wingman’s girl’s friend.” He pointed to me. “First, when all you’re doing is hooking up casually. Second,” he lifted another finger, “when you think you’re both going to marry those girls. Otherwise, you dip your wick elsewhere.”“Why’s this?” Mal said.“Don’t encourage him,” I protested.“Because when your wingman breaks up with his girlfriend, you don’t want to be stuck with the extra baggage.” He cocked his fingers at me and pretended to shoot me with them.” "I learnt a new word courtesy of Ms Frederick: amelioratedSo while the feel of the book was vague and cloudy, I enjoyed it for what it was. That's the part that made the book different for me. Yes, there are inconsistencies and unresolved issues but it didn't irritate me overly much. I especially enjoyed their inner voices, both Noah and Grace. Through that I could see Noah's strength and determination and Grace's ditsyness. (I think I just made that word up)